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A beautiful clasp free chain that is custom fit for each individual and spot welded together to create a “permanent” piece of jewellery - bracelets, anklets, necklaces and even rings can all be made for you!  All pieces can be either 14k gold filled, sterling silver or pure gold (10k and 14k by special order) – make it uniquely yours with special connectors and charms!

This is a great option for people who (like me) always wear the same jewellery and never take it off, commemorate special occasions and relationships, bachelorette and wedding parties, matching jewellery for groups and teams.  Jewellery can be done in my studio or for something truly unique, I can come to you for your event, a popup or girl’s night!

Delicate chains are used to prevent any injuries, in the event your piece breaks or stretches, keep the pieces and contact me for a repair.  If you do need to remove your piece for any reason – it can easily be removed by clipping the link with nail clippers or small metal cutters.  I’m happy to weld it on again for you!

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