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Let's collab!

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I would love to talk with you about collaborating and hosting a Sparx Bar Pop-Up at your location!
A pop up can be as little as 2 hours or a full day, whatever works best for your business.

I only need a little bit of space, a couple of chairs and an outlet to plug in to.
I would market the event details on all my social media platforms and ask that you do the same.
- FB, IG - @beautifulselfgrandbend
- Website:


The benefits of a collab!

  • It’s a wonderful way to offer an appreciation day without any additional cost

  • We take care of all administrative tasks and payment processing for our sales

  • A pop up helps to build social media following and content

  • Beautiful Self has 5 star reviews on Google and Fresha

  • Receive commission of all sales made during your event window (excluding any solid gold sales)

  • And more!

Pick a date –
Pick a time window (minimum 2 hours)

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