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lash lift with keratin infusion

It's very important to me to offer the best quality services and products to you!

Did you know “What is a lash lift?” was Google’s #2 beauty question in 2018?


Women are now looking for alternatives to lash extensions to minimize the maintenance factor but still maximize their lashes! Lash lifts can be that miracle you are looking for!!  Get rid of your mascara and lash curlers!  Our Keratin Infusion treatment beautifully lifts, strengthens, and nourishes your lashes for healthy, long-lasting results.

The keratin lash infusion is more than just a lash lift and the first of its kind. It’s the only patented REAL keratin treatment on the market today. We infuse real keratin into the cuticle of each lash hair, increasing the diameter and length by  40%. Unlike other lifts we seal the cuticle fully so no odd shaped ends or frizziness can occur.  Lashes are left super hydrated, long and strong as opposed to dry and damaged. We do NOT use harsh chemicals that are found in other brands.


We only use the KERATIN INFUSION LASH LIFT system because we can guarantee 100% damage free lashes without harsh chemicals. Our keratin infused lash lift conditions, thickens and lengthens your lashes.

Thioglycolic Acid Free | Paraben Free | Ammonia Free | Sodium Bromate Free

If your lashes are damaged from other lash lift products or extensions, please don’t wait to call for your keratin lash infusion.  This treatment is actually good for your lashes and can be used right away to help restore the health of your lashes.

Results are immediate and will last up to 6-8 weeks and you can also add the option to tint your lashes with this treatment.

BTW ... Google’s #1 beauty question was … “How To Apply Magnetic Lashes?”

Frequently asked questions ... 

What can I expect during my treatment?

If this is your first visit at Beautiful Self I will have you complete a client form which I will review with you.

  1. We start by using a special silicone shield that we adhere to your eyelids with a special adhesive.

  2. Your lashes are then brought up, around and glued to the silicone shield

  3. The first product is applied with a heated eye mask on top for 20 minutes during which time I will treat you to a relaxing hand massage (sorry the hand massages are on hold during these crazy times)

  4. After we remove the first product we apply tint, then a special mix of keratin, growth factor serum and a hydration lotion.

  5. After 10 minutes we remove all of the product, remove your lashes from the shield and then the shield itself and give the lashes a final clean. 

  6. The final step is to apply a Lift Lock product that will remain on the lashes for the next 48 hours to help set and lock in the lift


How long is my appointment?

Expect your lash nap to take 75-90 minutes.  Lash lift treatments offered by other salons may be shorter, however remember faster is not necessarily better!


How should I prepare for my appointment?
If possible, arrive free of eye makeup and for best results be makeup free for 12 hours, this avoids any irritation in the eye area from makeup removal.  If you are wearing makeup to your appointment, please arrive 10 minutes early to remove your eye makeup.  We have wipes available for you to use in the bathroom.

How long does a Keratin Infusion Lift and tint last?
The tint will last for 3-4 weeks, the lift will last for 6-8 weeks and the keratin treatment will last for two lash cycles. 


Can I wear my contact lenses during my treatment?
Please remove your lenses prior to your treatment and have your glasses with you.  I do have saline solution on hand, however you will need to bring a contact case with you.  

What do I need to do for my lashes after my appointment?
Avoid getting your lashes wet for 48 hours after your treatment.  Avoid swimming, sauna, steam room and hot yoga ... the longer you can keep them dry, the longer your lift will last!

Can I wear mascara?

After 48 hours, you can wear mascara, my personal favourite is Younique's Epic Mascara!   Waterproof or water resistant mascara is not recommended as it requires an oil based remover that will affect the life of your lift!  An alternative to waterproof mascara is a tube mascara, I'm a fan of Blinc when I am heading to the beach!

Can I continue to use my EyEnvy?

Absolutely!  Just stop using it for a couple of days before your appointment and a couple of days after your appointment.  

OMG, my lashes are damaged from extensions/chemicals, can you help me?

Absolutely!  If you have damage to your lashes, contact me as soon as possible and we can apply the KERATIN INFUSION treatment to help restore the health of your lashes.  This is the ONLY system with a 100% lash health guarantee!  We don't use any harsh chemicals or perming solutions.

Who is not a suitable candidate for lash lifting?
Lash Lifts may not be suitable for those who are pregnant, currently breastfeeding, anxiety, or fear of the dark.  If you are unable to lie down for long periods of time, I do my best to make sure you are comfortable and have support for under your knees.

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