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Oh I am so lash obsessed - even more so now that masks are our new normal!!  This is how I found Everra, being on the lookout for all things lashes!  

Everra is a new company that started in the US and UK only a year ago and brought their products and opportunity to Canada October 1, 2020.  

"Everra’s mission is to empower and amplify the influence of individuals throughout the world with high quality and affordable products, unrivaled financial opportunity, innovative technology and a collaborative community we call family."

My first stop with Everra is magnetic lashes - follow me on Facebook to learn more about these lashes or my go direct to my store!

Next on my list is the Airbrush - I'm really excited to try this product and they have a cost effective bundle that gives you a rechargeable airbrush, 2 foundation colours (mix for your perfect shade) and your choice of a blush or bronzer and the cleaner for $139.  And so many other products to try!

The only thing better than trying all of these great products, is the opportunity to be part of an amazing team!

This is a ground-floor (basement really) opportunity to be a founding influencer with Everra with the opportunity to earn a minimum of 25% up to 50% commission! There are no monthly fees (no website fees) and you can start your business for $45!!  Every purchase through your website after that earns you a minimum of 25% right away!

Truly incredible!!

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