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I have found the PERFECT manicure-at-home product!!

It is 100% nail polish that goes on dry and lasts two to three times longer than your best nail polish without chipping! REALLY!! Take the #colorstreetchallenge and try it for yourself!

10 Reasons to LOVE Color Street!

  1. Easy on, easy off!

  2. No oops, no mess, no stress!

  3. No lamps, glues or guns needed!

  4. Beautiful nail art without the time or talent!

  5. Always ready for a quick mani!

  6. So versatile - apply on top of nude nails, gel, acrylic or between fills!

  7. Perfect for beautiful DIY mani's!

  8. Jump right in or try before you buy!

  9. Totally portable, grab and go!

  10. You will tire of your colour before your colour gets tired!!

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