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relaxing facial massage

This is a customized facial treatment using one of Canada's most healing and natural products available, Moor Spa! More about Moor!

A relaxing facial massage is not only intended for the benefits of your skin, it also is meant to relax the facial muscles, mind and the soul.  The next time you are considering a massage to de-stress and find inner peace, try a relaxing facial massage instead!

Benefits of a facial massage include;

  • improve skin and muscle tone in the face

  • relaxation of facial muscles to help alleviate stress and anxiety

  • provide relief from tension headaches and facial pain.

With this high-touch, low-tech treatment, we will perform facial, neck, décolleté, and hand massage - cleanse, steam, exfoliate and apply a mask, serum, eye-cream and moisturize suitable for your skin needs.  

I selected Moor Spa as my product of choice because of it's simplicity, health benefits, 100% naturally derived and transparency of ingredients, Cert Clean rating, cruelty free and it's Canadian!

One of my favourite things about Moor Spa is how reasonably priced the products are especially considering the high quality of the product!

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