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ADOREYES is made in Canada and sold exclusively through salons and spas! 


ADOREYES eyelash serum features a high-performance Triple Peptide Complex technology to revitalize and strengthen eyelashes from the root to the tip and unlike other lash growth serums ADOREYES works on all three phases of lash growth!

I LOVE that ADOREYES can be applied in the morning and the evening, not only will you see longer lashes, they will be fuller as well .. a little goes a long way and a tube will typically last 4-5 months! The key to any product is consistency and you will start to see results in 4-6 weeks with full results in 3 months!


Purchase your ADOREYES in my studio!

Get your lashes ready for a Keratin Lash Infusion!

For your best ADOREYES results ...
🔹️Apply in the morning and the evening on clean skin before applying any other products or makeup.  
🔹️Shake the ingredients in the bottle
🔹️Remove the excess of product from the tip of the wand by wiping it on the neck of the bottle, a little goes a long way.

🔹️Apply to the skin of the eyelid at the base of your top lashes from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye. ADOREYES can also be carefully applied to the bottom lash line as well.

🔆My #1 tip .. be consistent!! 😄 .. you should start to see some results in 4-6 weeks!

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